Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radar & Scooter (72/365)


"Happy is the home with at least one cat"
~ Italian Proverb

TIME: 1:00 PM
PLACE: Home Sweet Home

This was taken right after Radar (L) and Scooter (R) joined Cam and me. In the last eight hours, Scooter has decided that we are pretty darn awesome and now sits right behind me on the back of the sofa. Radar? He has barricaded himself under the futon I sleep on in my room. I'm hoping he decides to join us soon!



Bette said...

Love! Had already guessed which one was Scooter. So happy they are with you. Thinking it helps that you & Cam had conditioned the new place for them.

we're doomed said...

Here kitty kitty.

Kim said...

The great thing about cats is, while they might be stubborn, they will eventually come out, especially when you're sleeping and they're hungry!

Sedorah said...

Sweet...So happy that you have your cats with you again!