Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photowalk (219/365)


Of course the word chaos is used in rather a vague sense by a lot of writers, but in physics it means a particular phenomenon, namely that in a nonlinear system the outcome is often indefinitely, arbitrarily sensitive to tiny changes in the initial condition.
~ Murray Gell-Mann

TIME: 12:30 PM
PLACE: Fermilab
SUBJECT: Photowalk

I almost didn't go. I knew this was a photographer's event, not a science geek event, and I align much closer with the latter. With the exception of a handful of science geek photographers, I was right. Fortunately, there was no judgment. I was treated with the same respect as those with professional quality dSLRs, tripods and camera bags filled with multiple lenses.

I'm glad I went.



we're doomed said...

Show us the pictures. I can't wait to see them.

Baseball Mom said...

I look forward to seeing your pictures. I have never seen any photographer be anything but nice. No matter the size of their .. lens.

Mike said...

Go ahead, rub it in.