Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photowalk (224/365)


TIME: 10:15 AM
PLACE: Fermilab
SUBJECT: Photowalk

The next stop was Meson Lab. This building houses the testing area for new accelerator technologies are tested and a test beam area where new detector ideas are tried, tested and calibrated.

In case anyone is curious, yes - the reflection was intentional!



Anonymous said...

That bubble thing looks pretty impressive in an “I’ma turn you into a fly” or “I’ma sink your battleship” kind of way. Yea, one of those two.

I’m glad that we hooked up Dana, I love photography!

we're doomed said...

Nice and shiny piece of equipment.

Mike said...

First guy says "Joe did you remember to take the spring out before you bolted the plate on?"

Joe says, "What spring?"