Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ollie (4/365)


We have an annual Christmas party for the Accounting/IT departments at work. I know - odd combination - but we all sit together.

We do this party Secret Santa style, and in my second year with the company I learned that the person I had drawn had a strange aversion to olives.

What did I do? I included a can of olives with his gift.

That can of olives turned into Ollie - a Christmas legend. This year, I was the recipient of Ollie ... along with a copy of the Ollie legend and instructions ...

I am Ollie the forgotten reindeer.
Display me in your cubicle for the year for good luck and good cheer.
However, in 365 days a new owner I will go to stay.
So enjoy your time with me right now and feel free to take a bow.
You're lucky to have me by your side so display me with great pride.

A new tradition has been started with Ollie. Please enjoy your time with him and then pass him on to your Secret Santa recipient next year.
Yours Sincerely,

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