Monday, January 18, 2010

Attorney (18/365)


“Bankruptcy stared me in the face, but one thought kept me calm; soon I'd be too poor to need an anti-theft alarm.”
~ Gina Rothfels

TIME: 7:35 PM
PLACE: The Big City
SUBJECT: Attorney

With the change in residence, I've had to consider some financial options that I have great difficulty with. Tonight I met with an attorney to discuss my financial future. I knew what he would likely say before I went in. I was right. I'm attempting to shift my view from failure to fresh start, but it isn't easy.



Kim said...

Don't take this wrong and remember I have a little bit of experience in this.

There are worse things than bankruptcy.

And woman if you were in the "big city" why didn't you call?

Bette said...

Agreeing with Kim. It'll all be ok.

The Burl said...

I have to agree with what Kim said, and I too speak from experience. You'll be just fine!

boo said...

I find myself faced with the same choice. After losing the car and the house I now have just over a quarter of a million dollars hanging over my head. Bankruptcy is being filed for just as soon as taxes have been filed. I feel your pain. I'm choosing to look at is as a fresh start. Good luck, babe. *hugs*

Paul Wynn said...

Hang in there, bankruptcy is a fresh beginning

Sedorah said...

Think of it more as "debt restructuring" - use your accounting view of "it's just numbers" ;)

Seriously, Dana - don't be so hard on yourself. It's not a failure if you are moving forward.