Friday, January 22, 2010

Jazz (22/365)


“Jazz will endure just as long people hear it through their feet instead of their brains.”
~ John Philip Sousa

TIME: 7:00 PM
PLACE: Podunk Illinois Middle School Gym
SUBJECT: Jazz in the Jym

There was a bit of a panic this morning. I got an email from Cam's band director telling me that Cam had just let her know he wasn't going to be at his concert tonight because he had other plans. Guess who made the plans? Guess who didn't know Cam had a concert tonight. Yes, that would be mother-of-the-year over here. I've been a bit ditsy unfocused lately - lots going on - nothing quite resolved. I had no idea he had a concert. Fortunately I was able to leave work early, take care of the plans we had a bit earlier so that I could have him to his Jazz in the Jym concert on time. He even had a solo!


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we're doomed said...

Football player and Jazzman. What a great combo for Cam.