Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lava You (5/365)


“MTV is the lava lamp of the 1980's.”
~ Doug Ferrari

TIME: 6:37 PM
PLACE: Home Sweet Home

Cam has a fascination with lights. Christmas lights skirt the baseboards of his room year round. He opens the curtains in his bedroom at night so that he can see the stars. And this lava lamp? It was mine. He confiscated it and now claims it as his own. Little bugger ...



Lu' said...

Awe you lava him so it's OK.

Sedorah said...

In the 1970s my neighbors across the street had one of those, it had blue wax and yellow liquid. My 8 year old self was fascinated with it. I thought their parents were so cool for owning one.

Joker_SATX said...

oooooh a LavaLamp. So hypnotic!

Vixen said...

Lava lamps are COOL!

we're doomed said...

I love Lava Lamps. And Black Lights. They give me flashbacks. QCTM

Kim said...

Your son and I have a lot in common, I to open my curtains to see the stars. It's very peaceful.

Cheers Dana!

Great pic!

Bina said...

I bought my 14 year old a Lava lamp for Christmas, not knowing if she would like it or not, and she loves it!!!