Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper Airplane (42/365)


Sally Brown: This Christmas I'm making everyone Christmas presents. You know what I'm giving everyone? Paper airplanes.
[She throws a paper airplane; it lands on Charlie Brown's head]
Sally Brown: You're lucky. You got yours early.

TIME: 7:00 AM
PLACE: Home Sweet Home
SUBJECT: Paper Airplanes

In Cam's school district, all 8th graders must participate in the Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Science Fair. If you haven't done one of these (and I hadn't) it's a HUGE, 3-month long project that includes formal research, experiments and presentation of results. Cam's topic? Paper Airplanes - Effects of design on flight length. This was one of the 47,365 40 or so paper airplanes that I have been living with these past few months ... but it is the last day I'll live with it! Science Fair poster boards were due today. I've never been so happy to see a project reach completion!


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